We understand how precious time is for everyone in this era of fast life. We also understand that taking care of your clothes is an essential but time-consuming task. Most people cannot take out time to do their laundry. As a result, they might rush the process and damage some of their favourite clothes. After repetitive washes, our washing machines tend to accumulate dirt and clothe fibre in them. Once this happens, it cannot clean your clothes very effectively. Instead, the clothes might have dirty patches on them. To avoid these problems, The Laundryman App, London, UK, is here to tell you how to clean your washing machine in a few practical ways.

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Here are a few ways to clean your washing machine

Clean Clogged Filters

When you wash your clothes in a washing machine, the dirt and lose fibre that comes off your clothes go into its filter. People often forget to clean their filters which might get clogged if you don’t remove the dirt. If the filter is clean, it will wash your clothes even more efficiently. These filters are two to four in number and present on the walls of your washing machine.

Run An Empty Load Of Hot Water

The best and easiest way to keep your washing machine clean is to run a cycle of hot water. It can be done without using much of your time and cleans residue from your washing machine. It efficiently cleans the bacteria off your washing machine’s walls, but it may not clean off hardened masses of dirt from the walls.

Run A Cycle With Vinegar And Baking Soda

Pour some white vinegar into the wash drum with a cup of baking soda. Use a stiff cleaning brush and vinegar to scrub the interior of the wash drum. Let your washing machine sit for an hour or so with the vinegar coating its walls, keeping its lid open. After some time at the hottest temperature setting, run a wash cycle with the vinegar and baking soda solution in an empty washer.

Use a Microfibre Cloth to Clean Your Washing Machine

While cleaning your washing machine with vinegar, baking soda, and warm water, use some of the vinegar solutions to wipe the top of your washing machine. Use a microfibre cloth to clean the washing machine parts that the cleaning solution does not cover while the washing machine is still. You can also clean the lid and the other parts of the washing machine with this solution to make sure everything is clean and bacteria-free!

Dry Cleaning Techniques at home

You can quickly dry clean your clothes at home by purchasing dry cleaning kits. These kits have all the things you need to clean your clothes in three steps

  • Pre-treat Stains

The kit has stain removers that you can use to treat stains before throwing them for cleaning. These stain removers are not unique. You can use any ordinary stain remover that you usually use. The method to remove stains is the same as mentioned above. You need to use water for stains that are not oily or greasy and a solvent for the stains that are fatty in nature.

  • Dry Clean

The dry cleaning kits you purchase have a unique dry cleaning bag in them. It is a simple nylon bag that you are supposed to put some of your clothes in. Along with your clothes, you have to put a dryer-activated cloth in the nylon bag too. It will be provided in the kit. After this step, you have to seal the nylon bag and put it in your dryer for as long as the kit you are using suggests. The dryer-activated clothes have an emulsifier, perfume, and some water on them; they efficiently treat your clothes inside the machine.

  • End Product

After taking your clothes out from the dryer, you have to inspect them to see any remaining stains. You can repeat the process or go to a professional dry cleaning service near me if there are.

These are some of the best ways you can efficiently and thoroughly clean your washing machine at home. The Laundryman App, UK, has also told about an efficient way to dry clean your clothes at home without any dry cleaning service.